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  • Step 1

    Enter to your account and find finished orders, click Write Reviews.

  • Step 2

    Give us 5 stars and leave positive reviews for the products, if you are satisfied with them.
    -Write positive reviews for 10+ items, get 1 coupon ($4 off $39);
    -Write positive reviews for 30+ items, get 2 coupons ($4 off $39; $8 off $99)

    Notice: Do not add reviews in batch, please add reviews one by one.

  • Step 3

    Take a screenshot of your reviews and send it to, our client service will send you coupon code.

  • Step 4

    Select 1 free gift from the products below. Leave a comment with gift reference & order number you've commented on your next order. e.g: Gift: B0093257& Order N. 560792. The gift will be sent with your order.

  • B0082640

  • B0082334

  • B75124

  • B01827S

  • B0085620

  • B0093257

  • B78295

  • B75329

Warmly Notice:

1、Valid from Apr. 1st to Apr. 30th, 2019.
2、The coupons you got are valid for 30 days.
3、Please contact us for any questions.

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