Presentation Of This Activity:

1. After receiving the items from 8seasons, you can make a Unboxing Video or DIY video at least 2minutes and post them on your social network.

2. Option 1: To get a 15USD Coupon(without minimum consumption), please add the 8seasons logo and publicize these materials are purchased from 8seasons in the video(the link of our homepage in your video will be better).

3. Option 2: Without adding the 8seasons logo, it's ok. Just do your Unboxing Video or DIY Video, and you will get a 12USD Coupon(without minimum consumption).

4. Please send us the video link and original video once you post your video.

5. After we receive the video that meets the requirements, our official social platform will repost your video, and at the same time, your original video will be published on our website 8seasons.

6. Once your video is published on our website, the corresponding coupon will be sent to your 8seasons account.

7. Please contact us for any questions.